Zourva Village

Zourva, Chania


In the hinterland of Crete, 24 km away from the town of Chania, southbound deep in the scenic Keritis valley and 572m high at the foot of the White Mountains, lies a small village named Zourva.

Zourva can be reached by following two different routes- either through the scenic, historical Therissos ravine or via Meskla, a village of a long-standing tradition.


The people of the village, safeguard the Cretan culture and hospitality so that they remain unspoilt and unaltered.


A tarred, but steep road leadws to the border of Lefka Ori , at the foot of the mountain Kaloros. The pine- tree forest which grows just above the inhabited area , the gorge of Tromarisa and the spectacular view towards the North and the sea, in combination the climate of the area , create a sense of euphoria to the visitor ,rewarding him for his choice.


Trekking or by vehicle, the surrounding area has a lot to offer the visitor.Tracks in the heart of nature, caves, underground springs, remains of a different place in time are just some of the elements which makes your stay in Zourva a revelation.


The snow creates a spectacular atmosphere, unique covering the surrounding mountain peaks and embracing the dense green .A place worth exploring with the company of birds which nest in the forest and the refreshing light, which revitalizes your mind and soul.