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Tromarisa Gorge
A marked steep path which begins from inside the village and crosses the cypress grove, leads you to an altitude of about 1000 meters  into the Tromarisa ravine and specifically to the location of Kissonero where there are 3 age-long huge plane trees.

Also you can visit the gorge of Vrisi and smaller mountain path in the area.
Possibility of organizing day trips with a mountain guide in the Tromarisa ravine or in Vrisi, with groups of 4 to 10 people. The duration of the walk is about 5 hours.
For further information contact us at 0030 6944414710

The Sarakina Ravine
It begins in Zourva and ends in Meskla, at the gates of the 15m high and 1,5m wide ravine.
The lush vegetation and the caves add to the ravine’s extraordinary natural beauty. However, it can be rather difficult to cross as there is no accessible path to follow through the dense greenery.
During the summer months and until the first autumn raindrops fall, one can easily walk the 200m to the gates.
Mountain bikes are available for cycling lovers.

The Vryssi Ravine and Cave
Vryssi is a rutty one among cretan ravines and caves.
It can be reached either via Zourva or from the Kallergi mountain refuge in Omalos. The ravine was named after the Vryssi stream which flows inside a cave and was originally explored in 1985-1986 by an expedition of Italian students who attempted to research its two tunnels up to a distance of 350m from each entrance. On September 15, 2001, the Speleological Club of Chania and that of Crete managed to repeat the Italian achievement.

According to their descriptions, 150m farther from the entrance to the cave, it is split into two tunnels crossed by the stream.
Combined with the splendid natural decor of stalactites, that can be encountered mainly in th first two rooms, the numerous ponds, some of which contain a large amount of water, make the interior of the cave spectacular.

It is recommended that the visitors of the cave be escorted by the Mountaineering Club of Chania.

Impression & Feelings: Tromarisa Gorge, Sarakina, Vryssi Ravine and Cave